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Article: How we made the softest, best fitting bras!

How we made the softest, best fitting bras!

How we made the softest, best fitting bras!

Looking for lingerie that fits perfectly every-time! Comfortable lingerie? Soft lingerie? Gorgeous lingerie? Wisteria and Willow has you covered! We are pride ourselves on being an inclusive and empowering label!

The Fashion market is saturated, but what makes Wisteria and Willow different? There are 3 significant aspects, design knowledge, brand vision, and our W&W tribe. Read about how we get the perfect fit for you!

It's common in today's society for many women to start fashion labels; influencers can use their reach to share their brands with large audiences, starting strong. However, while it is fantastic to see so many boss babes starting these businesses, their design knowledge is sometimes missing. Their understanding on garment construction and fit, and how to make appropriate changes so garments don't pucker or pull, is not at the level of a design graduate.

It is critical to understand how fabrics move, stretch around the body, feel on the skin, and their longevity. This is where Wisteria and Willow is different. Our owner and head designer has an Honours degree in Fashion Design, which over 4 intense years, covered in-depth pattern making, garment construction, design elements, fabrication understanding, and so much more that allows us to create the perfect fit.

Wisteria and Willow is a brand built on a dream of making the lingerie industry one that encourages, empowers, and ignites a fire in women to be anything they want to be.

As a brand new label, it's tough with manufacturing minimum order quantities being so high to have the funds to launch with every size under the sun. While this is our end goal, we will be working our butts off to build the brand and capital to expand sizing as fast as humanely possible.

We currently stock lingerie for XS - XL in an A-C cup, with S-XL in a C-E cup arriving in January 2023! We are so excited to expand our sizing after just 2 months to support our busty girls!

We pride ourselves on our primary goals being building a community of women who support each other, a group of women who build each other up in a world where people so often tear each other down. We aim to celebrate every body and the stages of life and changes we go through as women that should be celebrated.

We are not a company built with the sole purpose of making money; we are a company built on making a change for the better in a society that is damaged by marketing and unattainable body standards. We are a body-positive, empowering lingerie label and we cant wait to welcome you into our #selfloveclub family.

With love xx



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