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Our mission at Wisteria and Willow is to celebrate every woman as the unstoppable boss babes they were born to be and ignite the strength, confidence, and power within, leaving them feeling beautiful every day. 


We value women: their strengths, their courage, their confidence and their resilience. We want to promote women who are doing amazing things and women who have overcome all the challenges that are thrown their way. Our Value is you!



Our main goals as a business are to make as many women as possible love themselves and deliver a little bit of extra confidence to them to take a leap of faith, whether at work, into a new relationship, or in any situation where they feel unsure.

We are aiming to be fully size-inclusive as soon as we can afford to be! But adding extra sizes is extremely expensive - We are hoping to work our way up as quickly as possible. 


Wisteria and Willow is a brand created on the back of seeing the power social media has on young women and its effects, both positive and negative. We wanted to create a platform where women are celebrated for all that we are and all that we can overcome.

Our Story


"Wisteria and Willow was always a bit of a dream for me, one I didn't see happening anytime soon.

After graduating from RMIT Universities Bachelor of Fashion Design (Honours) in 2019, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. So I went home and jumped on a tractor; I spent the next 12 weeks working 16-hour days, 7 days a week throughout harvest; most of this time, I spent trying to figure out my next move. By the end of harvest, I had not only applied but been accepted into Swinburne Universities Graduate Certificate of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which seemed to cover all aspects of the business and marketing basics I needed to make my dream a reality. Fast forward 18 months, I graduated in the middle of our 2nd year of Corona Virus and decided that if I was locked in the house, I might as well kick my dream into gear. After months and months of designing, sampling, and creating a few starting tech packs I moved on to sampling/communicating and researching manufacturers in Australia.

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of lingerie construction, I quickly realised this was not an option, I sampled from Greece, which was amazing but the cost of manufacturing was very high and impossible to be economically viable. I then found a manufacturer in Malaysia who were also fabulous, their quality was high, and their employees were well paid and worked in an ethical and positive workplace environment. After spending thousands of dollars and months sampling my full collection with them, they, unfortunately, shut their factory down permanently due to covid pressures. This left me thousands out of pocket and back to square one. After more research and ten more manufacturer samples, I found a company in China that had been in the industry for decades. They showed me all their ethical practices, workplace environments, and employee areas. Their samples were the best we had sourced to date, and we decided this was our best fit! 6 months later, and many samples, our stock arrived, and here we are today! 

- Georgia, Owner



"I've always been passionate about supporting women and how we should all be each other's biggest cheerleaders. A major issue I saw was so many big brands using only models of a certain size and never using their platforms to do good, encourage, and ignite confidence in women we all are worthy of having. So I decided to make my own brand and as I grow, use the platform we create together to do better."

- Georgia, Owner


We strive to run our business in the most sustainable ways possible. You will see all our shipping bags and labels are biodegradable and compostable. Our products come in beautiful reusable bags to reduce our environmental footprint.

Even our in-store sanitary underwear liners are plastic free! 

By working closely with our manufacturers, we are constantly monitoring to ensure they follow safe and fair employment standards. We believe to create the best products; we must use the best manufacturing companies.